Convergence between matter and form

An artist who has become a designer and a company that proposes a “significant design” as defined by its founder and CEO Talley Goodson: a perfect blend to work on an eclectic and uncomplicated material like Chroma that also requires manual capabilities, the same that Louis Lim has developed in his experiences with art.
A special material that comes from a niche industry and ends into the hands of an artist for a final result represented by an object capable of being a furniture element and a decoration.
It is the result of a journey (Louis Lim has worked 5 weeks at the 3form facility) that originated during the NYCxDesign of 2016 when Goodson saw Lin’s works and invited him to collaborate with 3form to develop ideas for architects and interior designers.
“This material immediately fascinated me,” Lim said. “It transmits the light better than something white or translucent. Black is the absence of light, it means space, and emptiness, but the 3form material expresses color, light, and shape. I find all this paradoxically beautiful, mysterious and magic, perfect for Mobius. ”

Mobius by Louis Lim & 3form – WantedDesign Manhattan – NYCxDesign, May 19/23