Sandrino The Butcher on display at Harrods

A bold and irreverent installation as its creator, the designer Alessandro La Spada who signed the first Art-Design project of Visionnaire on display in the famous Harrods windows till May 10, 2017.
The capsule collection is involved in the Art Partners initiative of the Mall, aimed at celebrating the excellence of contemporary design by fostering the cooperation between luxury brands and renowned creatives.

To create Sandrino the Butcher La Spada drew inspiration from the activity of his grandfather, a butcher and restaurant owner whose daily gestures have been transposed into a series of Art-Design pieces: the kitchen tools – cleavers, knives and hooks for meat – have been released from their original functionality to become eclectic creations of pure aesthetic beauty.

A tribute to manual work that turns into art and explains its meaning by Never on Sunday console, vertically marked by a series of decorations and irregular chains in cast brass with golden hooks, hatchets and knives; the Steak stool, which features an original seat in red lacquered steel, anchored to a slaughter hook with golden finish and three knives as legs; the  Cleaver Mirror shows a hanging lamp broken by a golden cleaver exactly to its middle. The symbolic launch of the kitchen tool generates tens of cracks, gently backlit with LED for a more scenic effect.

Sandrino represents a consideration on the existence through the Doppelgänger, a sort of twin that belongs to every human being and with whom anyone can alternate unconsciously. The manufactures are the liberating motion of this reflection.
The limited edition realized by Visionnaire includes fifty stools, eight consoles and mirrors.