The hair styling gallery in Barcelona

Art is a source of originality, a tool to create something completely new, a pretext for influencing the world of design and widening its horizons. It is also the basis for the interior concept of Noguera Hair & Art Salon in Barcelona, which seamlessly blends two distinct, seemingly distant, environments: a hair salon and an art gallery. The city, with its dynamic cultural movement and unstoppable creative force, is the perfect location for this unique experiment, which was founded above all to reflect the two great passions of the owner: a passion for the hair stylist profession and for paintings.

The Barcelona-based architectural firm Cm2 Disseny, under the direction of Clara Lleal and Cristina Caballero, was inspired by this project idea to design an interior that recalls the austerity of an art gallery: «We worked with colours in a monochrome perspective to emphasize the minimal, restrained character of the space. Even the materials that we used respect this premise: concrete, shiny black lacquers and natural wood with distinct grain patterns».

They borrowed the large hanging frames, which mark out the different work stations and frame the mirrors, from the world of painting: “Customers are invited to look at themselves and become works of art themselves». The only entrance frame is intended to enhance an actual painting, created by the owner.

The project’s stylistic code develops perfectly within the aesthetics of the room, which have remained as faithful as possible to the original from a structural and material point of view. Various features have been conserved from its industrial past, including the exposed brick walls, the ceilings with their wooden beams and wheel bases, in addition to a goods hoist with a metal structure (subsequently closed with glass panels).

The ground features a polished concrete floor, broken up by decorative tiles (typical of the Eixample district) that mark out the waiting area at the entrance like a stylish rug, alongside iconic design pieces such as the Eames Chair and Eames Armchair, and the washing area. The double-height ceiling has been exploited in order to organize the space more effectively around its different functions: the downstairs area, where the reception is located, is dedicated to the women’s hairdressing area, Spa pedicure and working area, while the loft – accessed via the original metal stairs – is devoted to men’s hair styling and to the aesthetic cabin. Finally, the rear area of the space features a welcoming inner courtyard, designed to offer customers an added relaxing break.

Project: Noguera Hair & Art Salon
Property: Noguera Perruquers
Interior Design: Clara Lleal y Cristina Caballero – Cm2 Disseny
Suppliersi: tavolini: Gan – Rugs, Lampada ingresso: Vibia mod. Wireflow. Mainzu ceramica. Il resto dei complementi arredo è stato disegnato su misura da Cm2 Disseny;
Photo: Héctor Conesa – BCN Estudio Fotográfico