The poetic language of design

Design, art, poetry. The exhibition project carried out by IFDM in collaboration with the Brera Academy of Fine Arts for the tenth anniversary of its foundation, aims to reach minds, speak different languages and touch the souls. So there the artistic re-elaboration, signed by the young artist Fabiana Sapia, that connects in a single work of art these three worlds. Starting from the Infinity table by Porada and its very peculiar and original structure, that is as fluid, continuous, open as the freedom of thought.

Mangrovia (Mangrove) is inspired by the roots of the plant from which it takes its name: intricate arboreal elements are revived in the soft solid wood strip that once formed the base of the Infinity table. This new natural expression is shaped and enveloped by the swirling motion of the river and stones that lie in it and generate a succession of concentric circles on the surface of the water.
The conceptual vision of the artist flourishes at the heart of this creation in a flow of poetically represented thoughts:


“Infinity is the movement
of a harmonious mangrove,
which slowly emerges
to reach the sun. 

The lives of stones
dwell within it,
stones that joyfully
skip along the water
and then come to rest
in the shadowy depths. 

Infinity is the movement
of this mangrove,
which carries me
with it in clear memories.
And the noise of drops
that sweetly interrupt my thoughts
sets my heart in motion,
making it float serenely”.


Text © IFDM
Photo Credit: Andrea Sartori