A plunge into nature

The large Largo Augusto portal in the heart of Milan, which reminisces on the historic past of the former President cinema, is the entranceway to an unexpected bucolic universe. The grand staircase of the Baxter Cinema leads into the building that embraces the luxuriant garden, which has silently sprung up in this area that was once a cinema hall and, more recently, a showcase for this brand’s interior design collections.
The experience is both total and sensual, between the changing forms of nature and the colours that happily invade the room. Fitting perfectly in this environment is the Baxter outdoor collection: chairs, tables, chaise longues and day beds, which sprung up as a result of the company’s tendency to experiment, have found their place here with their new colourful leather, but completely water repellent, upholsteries combined with materials such as copper, iron and rattan. Coupled with these stiffer leathers, creating specifically for the outdoors, are products made with soft, washable leather which impart that concept of lived-in softness that characterises the Baxter philosophy.

New designs by Paola Navone, Antonino Sciortino, Roberto Lazzeroni and Francesco Bettoni contributed to the creation of the outdoor line, launched last year with products such as the Rimini chairs (designed by Paola Navone) with the peculiar structure made of copper tubing; the Craklé line, the aesthetic lightness of which has been developed through oblique geometries, and the Girgenti sofa, that has been inspired by the same concept of linearity (both signed by Sciortino).

Recreating a dimension that is removed from time and space, this experience becomes even more authentic with the multimedia installation created by video maker Davide Rapp and culminates, on the street level in an actual flower shop realized by the green artists “Figli dei Fiori”.

And here comes the perfect opportunity to inaugurate the Baxter Bar, a convivial place in which to relax located at the end of a continuum that begins with a green installation and moves into an exclusive club where marble, brass and leather generate a space to fully enjoy.