A tribute to uniqueness

When design combines the legacy of the great masters of the past with the work of skilled craftsmen, the result is the creation of timeless icons capable of enhancing the heritage of furniture

Locus Solus by Exteta, design Gae Aulenti

Today, vintage design is reborn thanks to the reissues of many brands, developed with total respect for the original spirit, through continuous research into materials, production techniques and styles. The same respect has been passed down through the hands of artisans, master glassmakers and weavers who, from generation to generation, have perfected the production steps and processes to give life to objects that are also works of art. Among the latest reissues and handcrafted furniture, small tables, chairs, lamps, rugs and poufs have been selected to pay homage to design culture and tradition.

Locus Solus (on cover), made by Exteta, is a re-edition of a collection designed by Gae Aulenti in 1964. Tubular steel, painted in different colors, is bent to form the frame of armchairs, loungers (with soft handmade cushions) and small tables. The tubular element becomes the common feature of the various pieces in the collection and its unmistakable stylistic signature.

Credenza 148 by Ligne Roset, design Pierre Guariche
Additional System by Tacchini, design Joe Colombo

Ligne Roset offers numerous reissues, including chairs, tables and lamps by Pierre Guariche, a master of combining aesthetics and mass production. Among them, the 148 sideboard is composed of a stained ash veneer box and a black lacquered metal base. This small sideboard features a row of four drawers on the left and a single sliding door on the right.

Additional System is a 1967 design by Joe Colombo, now reissued by Tacchini: a modular system with a timeless appeal, even 50 years later. Cushions in six different sizes, inspired by the ergonomic studies of the 1960s, come together in dynamic and flexible combinations created by varying the number of elements and the way they are positioned. Available in armchair, ottoman and daybed versions.

Juliette by Baleri Italia, design Hannes Wettstein

After the reissues dedicated to the partnership begun in 1984 with Philippe Starck, Baleri Italia pays tribute to another great master of contemporary design, Hannes Wettstein (1958-2008). Among the new editions is Juliette, a chair that is almost a stackable armchair, with a comfortable, enveloping back and metal folds softened by the discreet presence of rubber. Juliette is now available in a more sustainable version, with a seat made by laser cutting, a technique that optimizes material while reducing waste.

DS-888 Collina by de Sede, design atelier-oï

The DS-888 Collina sofa by de Sede, created by the Swiss company’s design team in collaboration with atelier-oï, is an extremely flexible modular system with a focus on ergonomics. Thanks to a patented system, the backrests can be moved in any direction and accommodate headrests that can be raised at will, in a choice of leathers. The system is also available in an outdoor version and is complemented by small tables in three different sizes with tops in wood or marble.

Beosystem 9000c by Bang & Olufsen, design David Lewis

Bang & Olufsen announces the release of the Beosystem 9000c, the redesigned version of a product that made history: the Beosound 9000 CD player designed by David Lewis in the 1990s and now reissued in a fully updated philological version, paired with the recently released Beolab 28 loudspeakers. The design team decided to renew its image by reversing the deep black and natural aluminum finishes of the first version. 

Beyond the Eye Capsule Collection by Sahrai Milano

Sahrai Milano was born out of a passion for the finest carpets and a desire to create works of art that pay homage to Persian culture and craftsmanship. The newly launched Beyond the Eye Capsule Collection includes Miracle Garden in Dubai and Five Levels in Los Angeles (pictured), finely hand-knotted in natural silk, New Zealand wool and embossed natural silk. Each rug becomes a journey through streets, neighborhoods and cityscapes, allowing people to immerse themselves in faraway worlds.

Abstract Garden by Amini, design Elisa Ossino

Elisa Ossino chose wool and craftsmanship that allowed her to transform ideas into ideas into unique pieces for Amini. Thanks to special weaving techniques, the rugs sometimes become a basket or a seat, with textural and tactile effects thanks to the combination of felted and woven wools, iridescent shades that suggest the movement of water, and filaments and tufts of the purest silk that seem to rustle in the wind like blades of grass. Creations include Prato, Lago, Uva, Girasole and Campo.

Par 18 by Catellani & Smith
Atlantide by Bamax, design Giacomo Baron

Catellani & Smith’s new Par 18 models feature spherical elements in golf glass, a blown glass made in a special mold by Bohemian master glassmakers to obtain an exclusive texture according to the company’s specifications and design. The aim is to maintain the transparency of the glass, creating special effects through the interaction of light with the irregular inner surface of the spheres. The new series consists of the scenic Par 18 Chandelier (pictured) and the Par 18 Wall Lamp.

Organic shapes for the Atlantide table designed by Giacomo Baron for Bamax. The precious burr walnut top is supported by significant hammered glass legs with a special “wavy” surface, which divide the space underneath like theatrical wings. The legs are inserted into the top in a slightly asymmetrical way and are also visible on its surface, creating an unusual contrast of materials.

Wishbone Chair per bambini by Carl Hansen & Søn, design Hans J. Wegner

The Wishbone Chair, designed by Hans J. Wegner in 1949, is now presented by Carl Hansen & Søn in a version suitable for children as young as three. Like the original, the children’s Wishbone Chair consists of fourteen parts, and the production and assembly of each chair requires more than one hundred production steps, most of which are done by hand. The chair is woven in an envelope pattern with 75 meters of paper cord. It takes a skilled craftsman one hour to weave the seat by hand.

Constantino Armchair by Ritzwell, design Shinsaku Miyamoto

Shinsaku Miyamoto’s Constantino Armchair for Ritzwell, with a solid oak or walnut frame, features tapered legs and curved armrests that are embellished with two different contrasting finishes, in leather or hide, and applied with two distinctive stitching patterns: the leather armrest version is hand-stitched, while the leather version is finished with a ton-sur-ton piping for a more minimalist finish.

Bronze Casting Table by TIME & STYLE ēdition

Raindrops Bronze Casting Table by TIME & STYLE ēdition is a new product born from the union of the historical casting techniques of the city of Takaoka and the craftsmanship of artisans. The bronze base resembles the shape of a raindrop falling down. The shape narrows towards the neck and organically merges with the voluminous underside. The size of the table allows for the placement of many chairs, while the combination of Hokkaido oak tops, oval or round, contributes to different configurations.