Audi Innovation Award for the positive change

With the aim to offer concepts that integrate existing solutions into new uses, ranging from lifestyle, healthcare, mobility, education and urban public spaces, the first Audi Innovation Award took place during Design Days Dubai.

The winning concept from Jordanian designer Sahar Madanat, perfectly demonstrated the theme of interpreting a seemingly resolved everyday object and redefined it for a new use. The innovative design is a multi-function tableware set enabling one handed users to cut food and navigate between courses while concealing the limitations imposed by their disability. An arrangement catering not only to their physical needs, but also considering the users’ emotions and sense of confidence.

The design was a unanimous winner from the panel of judges for the idea that delivers both a diagnosis and a cure for a basic human need. The practical and stylish solution has a relevance, not only for the disabled and those recovering from accidents or illness, but also for mothers who are feeding their children.

Second place was awarded to UAE based designer Mansour Attia with his Metro-Bike fly-over proposal that offers a solution for dealing with Dubai’s vehicle based lifestyle, lack of safe cycling lanes and abandoned spaces under metro bridges. Nick Karintzaidis, also based in the UAE, was awarded third place with a responsive bath system designed to give the user full control to fulfill their basic bathing necessities as well as minimizing the use of excessive water and electricity.

The winning three shortlisted candidates were given $2,500 to present their concept model at Design Days Dubai 2017. The prizes to Sahar Madanat, as the unanimous winner for the Audi Innovation Award, include a trophy and a trip to the Audi factory in Ingolstadt, Germany.

The next Audi Innovation Award theme was announced as “Autonomy” where design solutions will be capable of regulating themselves, according to changing environmental circumstances and different user specifications, with minimal human intervention.