Winners of the Best Décor Award 2017 among the exhibits at Nook Asia

The task of viewing, selecting and rewarding the best design exhibited at Nook Asia, as part of the Best Décor Award 2017 contest, was entrusted to judges Kelley Cheng – Editor & Publisher of The Press Room and Paolo Bleve – Editorial Director of IFDM.

During the opening day of the event, the judges had an opportunity to visit the four halls of the event running parallel to IFFS, meeting exhibitors, companies and designers participating in the event with their innovative interior and design products.

There were many candidates, but only three winners. The selection process, which was not therefore easy, was guided by analysis and research criteria including Creativity/Design, based on the originality of the design, aesthetic and creative quality; Material, considering the sustainability of the material in relation to its availability, safety, durability and respect for the environment; Marketability, which considered the potential marketability and economic value sustainable by the market and Functionality, based on the actual use of the product for its intended purpose.


In the Soft Furnishing category, the award went to TAKAOKAYA for the Ojami Cushions product, which fulfilled the selection criteria because of the uniqueness of the design, the aesthetic qualities, the search for materials, functionality and value of the product.

The award for the Handicraft and Handcrafted Category went to the WATERSOURCE CULTURAL AND EDUCATIONAL FOUNDATION for the Taiping Blue product, a synthesis of traditional Taiwanese craft with a reinterpretation for everyday use. The use of fine fabrics and ancient techniques give the project a strong cultural value which, combined with the recurring blue colour, gives the collection a timeless appeal.

The final award was for the Decorative Accessories category and was presented to Portuguese company HERDMAR for the Laser Decorative Cutlery product, which stood out for the authenticity of the decorative design, the laser development and production techniques used for the tableware collection.