Hevea by Pedrali, Design Victoria Azadinho Bocconi

Exactly halfway between decorative and functional. Driven by design, but devoted to nature. An everyday object, but with an innovative vision, always new and different. Hevea, in its simplicity, contains all these virtues, making it an intriguing crossover product. It is something more than a stand for flowerpots. Hevea emerges in the midst of the new creations by Pedrali presented at the Salone del Mobile in Milano, inside a populous and colorful setting of chairs, sofas, large and small tables, like a silent and above all unexpected presence. Hevea is the first complement of its kind in the Pedrali catalogue, thanks to a new collaboration with its designer, Victoria Azadinho Bocconi. To respond to an increasingly widespread desire for life in a natural setting, the young Italian-Brazilian designer has come up with a solution that brings nature into the indoor habitat: a central steel post on which to attach polypropylene pots, creating different configurations depending on the number and the positioning – on opposite sides, or in a spiral arrangement.

The protagonists, in any case, are the plants, which find a new place to grow and take shape, adding a touch of nature to interior design. Vegetation was the designer’s main inspiration, in a tribute to her background and the lush green expanses of the Amazon. The name and particular structure of the product come from the Hevea Brasiliensis tree, which yields natural rubber from grooves in its bark, where it flows into vessels hung on the trunk of the tree.

Hevea by Pedrali,
Design Victoria Azadinho Bocconi

Hevea Partition by Pedrali,
Design Victoria Azadinho Bocconi

Hevea Ice Bucket by Pedrali,
Design Victoria Azadinho Bocconi

“Discreet, versatile, alive” are the qualities cited by the designer for this décor complement, ready to take on potentially infinite configurations. The Hevea Partition version is a system with three columns, utilized to formulate green layouts and walls that can function as colorful dividers, ideal for workspaces and hospitality settings. The model with a single pot, Hevea Ice Bucket, can actually become an ice bucket with a central base, to keep beverages at the right temperature with one or two bottle holders.

While in the past Pedrali has impressed us with surprising experiments in outdoor settings, offering solutions for relaxation and socializing in the open air, with Hevea the company indicates a new interpretation of the relationship with the natural world, establishing a new decorative dialogue.

Art direction Studio FM, Photo © Andrea Garuti, Styling Studio Salaris