“Mix and match” outdoor by Woven+ on display in Singapore

90 years young Indeed, the Apeldoorn-based Dutch company Woven+ was born in 1922. It is underpinned by long-standing artisan tradition and experience in materials, and never before has it been so active in the continuous creation of outdoor furnishings. Continuously inspired to find new paths to expand its own collections, Woven+ constantly updates the design of its furnishings in order to develop new looks and styles, through the creation of new colours, fibres, fabrics and technologies. Just like the ones which characterise its latest proposals on display at the IFFS, Singapore: Tactile Rope, Innovative Resin, Sturdy Teak, Stylish Crochet and much more… featuring hand made furniture created in harmony with a long standing artisan tradition which has always aimed to confer soul and unique character upon every single creation. Weatherproof collections, where delicate natural hues seamlessly blend with the force of materials, designed to resist extreme weather conditions, sudden changes in temperature, exposure to UV rays, mould, fungi, humidity, without wear and without fading.

The company uses Ecolene® for its resin items, a highly resistant yet natural-looking synthetic polyethylene wicker. The rope is made from thermoplastic polypropylene fibre, also developed to satisfy all standard outdoor requirements. Materials which blend seamlessly with the naturalness of Teak, processed and finished to obtain a particular and pleasing ‘worn’ look.