Bedding-Atelier, stylish evolution

Bedding-Atelier has undertaken an evolutionary journey. It has developed its style and design, without breaking away from the craftsmanship and production techniques, high quality and living comfort that defined its past, which remain its essential values: it has only evolved in terms of product design. Classic designs give way to a sober formal style, finishes become less rich and more linear, damask upholstery is replaced by plain fabrics, soft velvet and leather (particularly Nabuk).
This is the foundation of the new DayDream collection, «a new thought, a new concept for presenting our ‘classic-contemporary style’», to use the definition of Simone Bugiani, General Manager of Bedding-Atelier. A collection of generous padded furniture, relaxing islands for the living area and the bedroom with many sophisticated touches: deep-buttoned workmanship defines the Gentleman sofa and Jennifer headboard, on which delicate quilting also plays an essential role, characterizing the high headboard.

«International taste has changed, so we need to offer products that are in line with current trends – explains Simone Bugiani – favoring the special requirements of markets that are especially important to us, such as Russia and Ukraine, even though they are currently experiencing different times. But we are facing the market crisis with a suitably serious approach, without lowering product quality.»

The Beverly and Walt collections kicked off this new stylistic adventure, defining the first guidelines, which are marked by an increasingly evident contemporary style. But this fresh approach comes as no surprise: since its beginnings in the ’70s, the Pistoia company has demonstrated flexibility and an ability to adapt to trends, having devotedly accompanied the history of European furniture over the last four decades. And an exciting future lies ahead.