Record, remix and relax at W Sound Suite in Bali

Producing and composing music on the road, while traveling, without forgetting the right chords. Now you can do just this at W Hotels Worlwide, which has always had a strong bond with the musicians who stay, play and perform in these hotels. You’ll no longer need to scribble ideas down on a napkin: the super-luxury suite is specially designed to cater for those who work in the music business.
The first W Hotels Sound Suite was opened in Bali, in Seminyak, north of Kuta, formerly a green suburb of the island and now one of the main resorts, with a nightlife that has earned it the nickname of “the Ibiza of the East”. Numerous international DJs have mixed their house music in the exclusive clubs in Bali.

The stylish, sound-proofed 50 sq m suite contains a lounge, a recording studio, a room for composing with the latest professional equipment (Native Instruments, Pioneer, Moog) and a lush garden that doubles the space for events. An expert is always at hand to assist guests, whether required for private recording sessions or Master Classes.

Designed by New York firm Josh Held Design, the suite is decorated with furniture made from locally-sourced wood, carved wooden blocks that clad the walls, hand-woven rugs and large prints that take up the entire wall.
The Boombox (portable stereo with built-in speakers) hangs from the wall, the work of artist Lyle Owerko. Coca-Cola, a longstanding partner of the W Hotels, contributed to the development of the project, adding subtle touches of red to the suite and a chandelier made with molten glass from Coca-Cola bottles.
The collaboration with the famous brand is also revealed by the large writing on the wall, featuring the famous ’80s jingle “I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing” and a giant poster depicting a chilled bottle of the drink.

White Shadow, a US producer best known for his collaboration with Lady Gaga, also contributed to the W Hotel by singling out the best audio equipment and suggesting a layout for the studio that makes it suitable for professional use.
Bali is the first stop, but soon W Hotels Sound Suite will also come to the W Hollywood, W Barcelona and W Seattle.