Ceramiche Milesi decorates Zanotta Shop

Design and decoration increasingly go hand in hand. That’s the case with Zanotta branded furniture, which combines with the ornamental charm of Ceramiche Milesi inside the Zanotta Shop, the designer label’s Milan store overlooking Piazza del Tricolore.
Starting from November, with the new fittings and the furniture presented, the exhibition space will display both an artistic and an artisan touch bestowed by the creations of Egidio Milese, unique objects produced from the skilful working of clay, by hand or potter’s lathe.

The shapes and finishes have differing tactile and material properties: sophisticated textures, decorations and glaze overlays of various colours, from total white to deep black, from pastel tones to fiery reds.  
The ceramic creations integrate perfectly with the furnishing accessories that dot the stores in a synergic communion of intentions, created from elegance, originality and experimentation. 
Alongside the best sellers, Zanotta's latest productions bear witness to this design philosophy:  the Botero sofa (design Damian Williamson) featuring a soft padded backrest, the workmanship of which – horizontally – is repeated in the Ruben bed; the Reale table, a tribute to Carlo Mollino,  with its iconic, geometrically-woven base; or the Fenice table (designed by Piero Bottoni), a new version of a unique object, which can still be seen today in Villa Muggia.