Dedar’s 2017 fabric collection, where the material creates the design

Precious because of the high quality of the materials and the workmanship, the time spent on research and processing,  the invention and experimentation applied to the fabrics and threads, materials that, skilfully shaped and combined, create complex structures and astounding textures.  The 2017 fabric collection for furniture and curtains is the product of Jacquard looms and explores the relationship between graphic design and art, between often traditional processing and a contemporary result, between touch, colour and transparent and opaque aspects, between unusual combinations and special effects. Soft yarns, such as bouclè wools, chenilles and epinglè velvets, that actually shine, thanks to metallic threads and laminates, graphic patterns in monochrome inlays or contrasting insets, natural motifs reinterpreted as visions of backlit landscapes or stylised, hand-painted leaves, “poor” fabrics like jute enriched with couture embroidery, while the traditional tartan acquires three dimensions and colourful new weaves.