Cappellini celebrates 20 years of Juli

Two decades in the world of design and interiors.  The Juli armchair is 20 years old and Cappellini, the brand that created it, is celebrating its anniversary with a more modern, effervescent restyling. Renamed Juli Jubilee for the occasion, the armchair is presented to the public of the new millennium in three versions, Flower, Small Dots and Big Dots, in a limited edition: indeed, only 33 articles of each model in the collection will be available.  

The fresher, contemporary nature of the new Juli is combined with the antique embroidery used to make the cover.  The leitmotif of the collection is needle-punching, a technique that enabled designs of very great precision and pleasing shading effects. Juli Jubilee leather cover was worked with more than 100,000 points, thanks to four machines and the assistance of professional needle-punchers in order to ensure the accuracy of the manual embroidery.
Modern appeal and ancient craftsmanship make Juli Jubilee an iconic product of Cappellini savoir-faire.