A new store in Dubai for Poltrona Frau Group ME

Poltrona Frau Group ME has opened a new showroom in the heart of Dubai, bringing together the finest of Cappellini, Cassina and Poltrona Frau: state-of-the-art products characterised by contemporary design and high craftsmanship

The opening of a new Poltrona Frau Group ME showroom in Dubai is part of a global strategy focused s on retail and the spread of distributable formats, for an enhanced brand experience.

A two-storey building characterised by fine materials which allude to the local landscape, with large displays on the main road and a reception offering a preview of each brand’s distinctive style, thanks to a targeted selection of icons.

The Cassina space, a total of 270 sqm across two floors, is characterised by the In-store Philosophy 3 concept, a new phase of the brand’s coordinated imaged developed by its art director, Patricia Urquiola, to offer a new retail experience.

The Cappellini concept, developed by its very own art director, Giulio Cappellini, recreates a welcoming interior in a 90 sqm space, characterised by dynamic structures where latest additions rub shoulders with the company’s long-standing sellers, further proof of the international and contemporary spirit of products.

Last we have Poltrona Frau: 340 sqm across two floors, inspired by the concept of the via Manzoni showroom in Milan, used by the brand to redefine its tradition. Intimate yet large-scale spaces containing different home interiors, and an exclusive Leathership® for seeing and touching leathers.

Photo © Natelee Cocks

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