New energy for the contract of Unopiù

What does Unopiù Contract means today?
First of all, I would like to thank Unopiù for the great occasion of working for this historical and well-known company.
Today at EquipHotel we are glad to present a new division dedicated to the professional market. We have a substantial work program and we aim to support all designers and architects interested in unique outdoor spaces.
We also want to intercept developers or buyers who directly buy or influence the purchasing decisions in the hotel world. Unopiù catalogue has currently over 2000 references: the variety in offer is a remarkable asset for Unopiù which displays a great selection in covers, pergolas and flooring, 100% bespoke.

What is the difference between contract solutions for bathroom, lighting or outdoor?
Doing contract today it’s not just selling a product but finding the right solution for every specific need. There are no big differences between the three sectors: the difference is made by the professionalism and planning skills that we put in every project which is different and unique as every our customer. The parameters used are always the same: budget, aesthetics and functionality.

What are the most attractive markets for Unopiù Contract?
Italy is a vital market for our company: some of the most beautiful terraces in Grand Hotel  – such as the Mandarin or the Bulgari in Milan and the Melia Rome – are furnished by Unopiù. France is a growing market and also the Central Europe will see us protagonists within few time. Equally important and growing  is the Gulf area where we will enforce our presence.

The luxury residential contract is a developing reality. What do you think about it?
We are very interested in this field and have already moved the first steps: at the moment we are providing two residential towers in Singapore. The residential contract, already strong in the US and Asia, is shifting in Europe and we are monitoring this developing market. The residential contract also offers the possibility to create forniture with double vocation: both indoors and outdoors. Unopiù already has the ability to propose solutions with these features and our R&D department is studying new materials for these mixed environments, keeping high the added value of the finishes and our historical attention to details.

Any new imminent project?
We are working on several agreements with international chains and have several projectual oportunities in the Principality of Monaco together with many others that we can not anticipate for now..

First impression of EquipHotel?
The sentiment is for sure positive: visitors has shown off concrete projects for boutique hotels and restaurants, both in France and in the rest of the world. A pretty good start.