Welcome to Alias Office

It seems to be in a real working space, entering the reception, walking through the lounge areas to reach the workstations and, at the end, the meeting room. The project presented by Alias at Orgatec is a complete office solution, hosted at hall 9.
A first edition for the brand in great style: 240sq showing the new collections dedicated to contemporary office concept, designed by new international collaborations such as PearsonLloyd, Alfredo Häberli and Oki Sato from Nendo.
Trait d’union between the products, reduced thickness, carefully designed details, generous use of high-tech materials, express the brand’s approach to the world of work: versatility, lightness, interaction.

The reception set up to welcome visitors occupies the area fronting one of the two entryways to the stand; shielded by a full-height Aline structure, it uses Biplane tables by Alberto Meda – proposed in new size variants – and height-adjustable Atlas stools by Jasper Morrison to generate an atmosphere conducive to dialogue.
At the back, room for privacy is provided by the new Eleven high back privacy designed by PearsonLloyd. From here we move on to a lounge, where the star role is played by the Okome containers and the pouf system designed by Nendo.
The work area gets pride of place within the Alias stand: the workstation is equipped with a Tec system table by Alfredo Häberli and Slim chairs styled for the office by PearsonLloyd.
For the management office, the furniture is comprised of Frametable oval and Rollingframe 52 by Alberto Meda, proposed with different finishing options.
Three small lounge stations, entrusted, respectively, to TT soft by Alfredo Häberli, the Gran Kobi armchair and pouf by Patrick Norguet, and PearsonLloyd’s Slim lounge – each of them proposed with a different configuration of the Aline system designed by Dante Bonuccelli – surround the meeting area with the Frametable oval in its XL version.

The stand embodies an innovative architectural concept: a modular structure, which can be fully disassembled and will readily adapt to different dimensions, designed by architects Renato Stauffacher and Andrea Sanguineti, respectively Managing Director and Brand Manager of Alias.