Bizzotto, 45 years of an international and dynamic brand

The company has turned 45, what remains today of Bizzotto as it was originally back in 1973?
The brand recounts a story spanning three generations and which went on to become a symbol of quality and style, capable of expressing the taste of a sophisticated and international clientèle. At Bizzotto, tradition and research are supported by a base of technical and artisan skills, blended with a particular attention to trends: we are constantly evolving. Today we propose a fresher and more contemporary style, albeit recognisable in virtue of details and personality.

“Tailor-made” is one of your company’s values, how do you develop relations with project designers?
For us, each and every project is about team work, a way of putting our know-how to the test. Efficiency, development and quality control are all skills leveraged to offer personalised project solutions. Our most significant collaborations are the fruit of relationships grounded in trust and developed over time, with architects from all over the world. Our residential projects, as well as others, are a calling card which has enabled us to expand our relations with properties.

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There is increasing talk of quality in the furnishing world, what is it that sets Bizzotto apart from the rest?
We identify the term quality with the word identity: product, service, reliability and innovation, a mix of these four words conveys the sense of our very own Made in Italy.
One example is the table Sidney, an iconic Bizzotto product. By means of refined and complicated processing, you achieve an end result which is an artistic signature, a sign of pure design. It is emulated, in virtue of its uniqueness, while also remaining inimitable, characterised by the Bizzotto touch.


Your website is also in Russian, despite all the vicissitudes in this geographical area, has it remained an important market?
For us, Russia was the first country towards which we directed our sales efforts. the initially favourable situation was important in developing our brand’s recognisability beyond national borders. Collaboration and excellent commercial relations with internationally acclaimed Russian architects and designers remains an important reference point for Bizzotto to this day, however it is not the only one, indeed our company is undergoing widespread expansion both in the east and west.