Edward van Vliet, between concept and substance

In your website you wrote about nature, ending with Brimming with life and detail sentence; what does it mean?
Brimming with life and detail.  I do a lot of storytelling and for me making things alive is very important in adding a layer of emotion. You only can do this with detail which creates an extra soul in the things you are doing.

How do you create?
I put everything together to make the experience complete.

How do you finalize all in furniture products?
You cannot finalize everything. Furniture products add something to the experience but they’re not everything. It’s not only about the furniture, it’s also about the lighting, the environment, the sound, it’s about everything.

360 degrees?
360 degrees and back.

Could you tell us about the Sushi collection and your relationship with Moroso?
I established my relationship with Moroso almost 8 years ago; at that time I did a lot of textile design and development. Patrizia saw the things I was creating and so she invited me to create a landscape of furniture sitting element for apolstery. I created an archetype for each piece of furniture, this included a sofa, poltrona, pouf and block system and those were the basics. You can dress those basics, that’s why its name is sushi.

Why Sushi?
In sushi every bite is different, so you can compose.

Do you have experience in the hospitality sector or would you like to?
Yes. I am doing a lot of things within the hospitality industries. I developed a new Hotel for Raddison Blu and then I made a master plan for all their hotels worldwide. I did a resort in Mozambique and now I’m working on a second resort there. I’m working on a resort in Lombok, next to Bali, which is also about nature and sustainability. Everything I design is made and produced in that location, so everything I designed for the resort in Lombok is produced in Bali, everything I designed for Mozambique is produced in Zanzibar.

What do you think about the today’s world of hospitality, characterized by the new target of millennials? 
I think there a lot of happening in the hospitality industry but I think everything is going in the same direction. What I try to achieve is developing concepts that are completely different which creates a unique experience. People go there because they get a different experience to what they had in the other hotels.

Are you feeling like a millennial?
Yes, I am

Do you have a habit of using socialnetworks?
Yes. For me social contact is the most important; also for the projects I’m working on. I only collaborate with people that I have very good contact with so we understand each other.

A sneak-peek on your future production?
I’m going to start with my own collection under the name “Room of Origins”. Last year I did a presentation in Palazzo Turati with my own designs. It’s named “Room of Origins” because it’s my own pieces, but I also like to combine it with pieces I have designed for other brands. When I work on a project I always like to collaborate with the companies I work for or work with, like Moroso for instance.