Dr. Vranjes’ recipe to breathe in the interior

Dr. Vranjes Firenze features fragrances for environment that blend in perfectly with the interior decoration, an essential component to rediscover the comfort and pleasure of living the home. But how does a smell, intangible and ethereal, become a piece of furniture? The brand has created the concept of Olfactory Dècor, that is the art of creating the right fragrance for any environment of your life, taking into consideration the space, volume, light and furniture, to be in harmony with the properties diffused by the natural essences contained in Dr. Vranjes Firenze Home Fragrances.

“This is the concept we want to convey: in order to feel good you need to surround yourself with things which are pleasing to the eye, the mind and the sense of smell, capturing emotions through precious fragrances contained in elegant furnishing accessories, “says the company.

Recalling concepts of aromatherapy, aromacology and olfactory memory – this way the scents recreate a mix of emotions that immediately refer to past memories – are born 34 different Fragranze d’Ambiente, traditional and collectibles. Equally original are the bottles that contain such fragrances, inspired in the exclusive design by the Florentine Architecture: a tribute to the brand’s origins, born in Florence in 1983 from the passion of Dr. Paolo Vranjes, pharmacist, chemist and cosmetologist.

Each fragrance features a balanced blend of concentrated natural oils which are dosed to 10%: millions of flowers are needed to obtain a few grams of essential oil that create a scent never equal to the previous year, thus each fragrance will have a slightly different color every time. For an aesthetic and sensory outcome always exclusive.