The Director tells of the ICFF Miami debut

Why Miami? And why in October?
After New York, Miami is the largest, fastest growth center of luxury development in North America. More than $10 Billion in new luxury construction is planned in downtown Miami alone. The immediate region is home to 10,000 designers. Miami is also second to only New York city as a center of luxury retail. In addition, the city is a natural destination for high wealth individuals from the Caribbean, Mexico, Central and South America.
The timing in October comes after the major European design events and is 6 months distant for the main ICFF in New York.

What are the topics of this first edition? 
We have an array of topics for ICFF Miami from Women in Design to the Arise of Contemporary Brazilian Design: Brazilian contemporary design luminaries on design in Miami. Other topics include, Manufacturing Design: architects turned makers and Designing for Two: It's Never About Compromise; Always Negotiation, and also Leading Miami Voices in Commercial Design.

What kind of exhibitors we will have to expect? 
This is the best aspect of ICFF, we have it all for interiors; furniture, floor coverings, lighting, accessories, kitchen & bath, textiles, wall coverings, materials, outdoor seating. We will have over 3k attendees instead.

Will there be side-events during the exhibition? 
We are hosting an Opening Party with Luminaire on October 5th from 6:30-9pm at their design district showroom. ICFF Miami Editor Awards are also on October 5th from 5pm on the show floor.

Does the heritage of ICFF New York play a key role in this new appointment?
It does. ICFF is very an international platform for design with more than 50% of the exhibition coming from outside of North America. These exhibitors very much want to interface with both the Miami design market and Latin America.

What about the main trends? 
The main trends we have seen in 2016 are rough hue, warm metals, retrotech designed furniture, mixed metals. What is forecasted for 2017 are earthly pastel hues, mixed metals (seems to be a recurring trend throughout the years), vintage made modern, art inspired wall paper and natural textures.

What can you tell us regarding the American market?
The US luxury interiors market, which ICFF directly addresses (the exhibition is strictly edited and over 100 applicants to exhibit are turned away ever year) is the fastest growth luxury market in the world- easily outstripping Asia which has been in a slump for over two years and Europe whose economy is suffering negative growth trends. Currently, this $5 Billion market is pacing at +6% expansion. ICFF, in reaction to this trend has doubled in size over the past 3 years and is extending the brand to Miami.