Fredrikson Stallard for Swarovski Home collection

Yesterday Swarovski previewed their latest collaboration with Fredrikson Stallard. The Glaciarium collections are inspired by their extensive experiences watching Swarovski’s complex crystal production techniques and the mysterious appearance and behavior of the material in its raw state. 

Glaciarium collection for Atelier Swarovski Home is a series of vases, bowls, chandeliers and candle-holders inspired by the form of raw crystal. Each piece is cast in crystal and then subtle faceting is applied, combining precision cutting with the material’s natural structures.

Atelier Swarovski Home, which launched earlier this year, follows the success of the Atelier Swarovski jewelry and accessories line and marks a significant development for the crystal business, signaling its continued evolution as a lifestyle brand. Working with a select group of designers, the home décor product line translates the forward-thinking design DNA and technical expertise of the crystal brand into a collection of covetable table top objects and home accessories.

Fredrikson Stallard commented: "There’s always a balance in our work between the sense of something that’s been made and something that’s been found and that is what we refer to as effortlessness. One thing about effortlessness, it is incredibly difficult to do, to create an object that you have very strictly controlled but has the sense that ‘of course that’s what it should be’. By combining the language of more natural surfaces with the precision cut facets in Glaciarium we’ve achieved that.”