Villa Gallici, wellness among flavours and fragrances

Housed in an 18th century Provencal villa not far from Aix-en-Provence, Villa Gallici is a Relais Château owned by the Italian Baglioni Hotels chain, which also takes care of its management. The Milan firm Rebosio + Spagnulo, which has a successful track record of hospitality projects beyond its work for Baglioni Hotels, was commissioned to build an extension for the location and to undertake the interior design of the new spaces.
The project involved the construction of an outdoor swimming pool, a spa and a wine cellar for wine tasting.

The designers took the existing building and its relationship with the rich, well-maintained garden that surrounds the property as a starting point for the project.
The primary objective was to transform the geographical borders into synergies between the functional old building and the new structure, in terms of the choice of forms and materials and their arrangement in spaces that represented the crux of the design project. A harmonious fusion, respectful of the environment and the centuries-old history that Villa Gallici encloses within its walls.

The idea for the design was developed around the concept of “circular wellness”, a notion that allows guests to make use of multiple senses: the spa and wine cellar embody two different wellness philosophies and the mood of the environment created by Rebosio + Spagnulo unites these two identities with refined and elegant interior choices, which never neglect detail in favour of an overall effect.
Soft curves, precious materials, symbolic decor: the result is a warm and hospitable environment, which goes beyond the Provencal setting in its traditional sense, defining its own style and character.
Oak and natural stone dominate the rooms, while typical Southern French decorations and musical notes carved in the iron doors of the wine cellar represent an interior design language that is the result of many languages combined with measure and balance – balance that is complex and simple at the same time.

Rebosio + Spagnulo’s ten years of experience in the hospitality industry has always led the couple to use Made in Italy products, selecting top-end companies for major orders.
In the case of Villa Gallici, they used Gabana Arredamenti for the “custom” features, Zucchetti for taps and fittings, Domus Market for fabrics and upholstery and Ferrart for doors, windows and the external iron staircase.


Villa Gallici is part of the collection Contract&Hospitality – Spring/Sumer Book 2016 by IFDM, also available in digital version.


Architecture and interior design: Rebosio+Spagnulo
Ownership and management: Baglioni Hotels
Photo credits: Courtesy of Villa Gallici