Brazilian creativity for Impressões by Laufen

Main feature of Laufen is always be the creativity; it demonstated by the project Impressões, that involves numerous Brazilian, artistic personalities to decorate the ceramic with illustations about the theme Brazil: verse and reverse. Just five examples of each washbasin were manufactured; one for the artist, one for their chosen charities, one for Laufen’s archive, and two for exhibitions around the world, from São Paulo to London, Lodz, Miami and now Milano.

The brand’s innovative manufacturing processes allow commercial products to be limitless customized; consequently the creative inspiration of the artists has numerous potentialities.

The 2015 Impressões theme encouraged the artists to express their personal interpretation of the country’s culture and its evolving relationship with the rest of the world. The clean lines and generous surfaces of the washbasin designed by Andreas Dimitriadis – of Platinumdesign – provided the perfect blank canvas upon which to present the diverse creations. Moreover, the outcomes were applied to the ceramic surfaces using a specially developed silkscreen printing technique.
The pieces – realized by artists  such as Christian CravoJoão Armentano, Antônio Ferreira Jr. and Mário Celsoernardes, and than Patricia Anastassiadis, Ricardo Bello Dias and Rolando Fraga, finally Jader Almeida Derlon Almeidacon – were then fired to ensure the decorated material is as robust and everlasting as any other glazed ceramic washbasin.

The project presented during the Salone del Mobile represents the experise of the brand in promotion of the creative arts, as well as in realising truly bespoke commercial products.