LU Murano, Boston lighting

Torchlights by LU Murano travelled thousands miles to reach the Liquid Art House in Boston. The brand is protagonist within the innovative project, that combines elitist restaurant and art gallery, with creations bordering with art and design. While the chandelier designed by Fabio Fornasier majestically rises within the central hall, multiple colored lamps recall the syle of the first one, above tables of the other rooms.

LU 72 lights in Amethyst and LUme are the customized products created by the company in occasion of the partnership; products that catch the attention of the attendees for their preciousness. Once you crossed the threshold in 100 Arlington Street, the gaze follows the chandelier’s path that is 3,4 meters high. Ubicated above the circular counter, the lighting ystem is concived curated in each details (here the video illustrates the installation). LUme is shaped on raindrops while they fall to the ground, enhancing the artworks.

From the creativity of Ruta Laukien and Rachel Klein born the Liquid Art House, first space that balances art thought the prism of social dining.  «I wanted to create a warm, approachable environment to serve everyone from wealthy collectors to emerging artists – explains Laukien, former Wall Street investment banker – Art speaks to our soul and by fusing social dining, L.A.H. is amplyfing that experience, furthering the dialogue and supporting artists through revenue and exposure».

The “gallery-resto” occupied lamost 1000 square meters of surface for art exhibition with wall space to expose visual art works. Exhibitions monthly rotate in order to provide a platform for dialogue and cross-cultural exchange for emerging and established artists. Award-winning chef Rachel Klein executes a two-tiered dining multi-sensory experience for the gallery-resto’s inaugural menu. Her cousine strikes a balance between refined and approachable with playful proposals subtly enhanced by Asian and European influences.

The Art House animates the climate of its historical building, in the middle of the lively Back Bay neightborhood. A cross between Boston, underground Berlin and the Capitol City of Hunger Games  according to the Boston Globe.