Technology simplifies life. Which is precisely what happens with the new configurator by Roda. A added service made available by the company directly at its website, to select, formulate and personalize outdoor contexts as desired.

For some time now, Roda has responded to the widest range of needs in terms of colors, materials and finishes for its collections, in a perspective of greater customization. Now this process of “mix&match” can be utilized individually, using a computer or a tablet for immediate visualization of the results. Users can let their imagination roam freely, immersed in nature or an open-air panorama, changing from one collection to another and starting over through a few simple steps.

The Roda configurator permits personalized visuals in real time of products, through high-definition textures and 3D renderings, also allowing users to rotate the single pieces, exploring them from any angle. The process is extremely simple. Just select the product from the variegated range of Roda collections, from sofas to seating, ottomans to tables, cots to outdoor kitchens. Then create a composition by assembling different modules (for example: a sofa for two or three seats, with or without armrests, or perhaps with additional cushions).

Next you can choose the finishes, selecting from the various available materials (wood varieties, metals) and upholstery fabrics, playing with a kaleidoscope of hues but also with textures, all specially developed for outdoor living.

The final summary provides a complete overview of your composition – not only in aesthetic terms but also in practical terms, indicating measurements; it can be downloaded as a file in various formats. If the result doesn’t meet your approval, you can start again, changing, combining, infinitely multiplying the expressive possibilities.

“The Roda configurator – the company explains – has the aim of bringing added value to the user experience, offering clients, partners and users a realistic experience with an easy and extremely intuitive tool.” Give it a try!

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