Giorgetti and T°Red, when performance is beauty

From the common research aimed to achieve maximum performance and efficiency is born the collaboration between Giorgetti and T°Red. Shared goals concretely expressed in the special temporary exhibition in Giorgetti’s showroom located in via Durini 5. The star of the show is the last jewel on two wheels, BestiaNera, conceived from the design approach of the architect Romolo Stanco.
The first one, historic exponent of the highest Italian design; the second one, devoted to the study and research in the cycling industry and cutting-edge design. An unexpected combination that has led to a meeting of experiences and products.

Among the collections for interiors and iconic products of Giorgetti’s woodworking, such as the Drive sofa or the Move chair designed by Rossella Pugliatti (winner of this year’s Silver A’ Design Award for Furniture in the 2015-2016 edition) are placed T°Red’s creations: several models of bicycles and lighting products (like C7OLED, designed by Romolo Stanco for T°Red and Lumiblade OLED lighting) that have in common a profound attention to the process, materials, technology used, to investigate and unravel the deepest sense of the term Design. But above all, a high aesthetic ideal, which should always incorporate the highest efficiency.

Seductive, appealing, bold. BestiaNera MY17 StreetfFighter dominates the space in via Durini. BestiaNera combines a carbon fiber sportive frame, based on the typical geometry of track bikes, with a fully integrated electric power unit positioned in the rear hub. Almost 10kg of research and technology capable of working in all-electric or hybrid mode according to the needs of the moment.

“A very special bike – according to its author, Romolo Stanco,  also a cyclist enthusiast – has a sportive feel for aesthetics, materials (carbon), design, but it is meant to be used in urban spaces thanks to its electrical integrated power system on the rear wheel or its automatic transmission, which also facilitates the riding in the city with an attractive, efficient vehicle, perfect for 20/30 km routes from home to office and thanks to the pedal assistance replaces the not so perfect workout; at the same time it allows to go around in suit. ” As satellites that revolve around, the other models of the collection (eight in total), are designed for road, track, cyclo-cross, and the Bestia Nera, are the leading stars of Style&Performance Night.

Performance and beauty are in fact the key features to understand the project: “For me the approach to design always includes the efficiency, the performance of the object. In a lamp or a chair it means comfort or ability to change the light source, in BestiaNera we wanted to combine an aesthetically beautiful product with the maximum efficiency for everyday use, then exploited it to the maximum by using it on the track at 70km/h. The result is however balanced and harmonious. ”

“Today, buyers purchase for passion, not only for function – concludes Oscar Panin, Store Manager of Giorgetti – Once bikes were used solely to move, as houses were furnished to sit, eat, sleep. But now we are attending a different dynamic, where aesthetics are very important, and research makes possible to bring out your product in all its expressive potential. This vision has brought together Giorgetti and T°Red ».