Franco Moschini and his Great Beauty

On 14 June, the Association of Industrial Design (ADI) awarded Franco Moschini the Compasso d’Oro (Golden Compass) award, crowning a professional (and surely personal) journey that has seen Moschini’s company – Poltrona Frau – reach the summit of the high-end furniture industry.
Moschini has shaken hands with thousands of designers. For some of them, that handshake meant the chance to enter into the Poltrona Frau world and throw open the doors to wider visibility and recognition. For Moschini, meanwhile, that handshake was the sign he believed and would invest in an idea or project, assuming the risks and responsibilities that came with it.
Moschini has never been fond of the spotlight – he is a measured, reserved man, but a man of great emotion and a man capable of making the big calls, sometimes in delicate and difficult economic and market situations.
Emotion and energy are the core themes leaping off every page of the book “Franco Moschini.  Vita di un imprenditore del bello” [Franco Moschini. The life of an entrepreneur in beauty], written by Francesco and Giulio Alberoni with Moschini’s assistance and published by Leima.
The book was first unveiled at the Turin International Book Fair in May before being officially presented at the Poltrona Frau showroom in Milan on 21 June. The book will also be translated into English.