DimoreStudio and the alchemies of design

The history of DimoreStudio finds its place among custom made creations and vintage objects, in a see saw of recollections and sensations, dominated by the absolute value of elegance.

How did DimoreStudio come to be?

Britt Moran: We met for the first time designing a hotel in Shanghai and that was when we discovered the artistic complicity which would then bind us. We really work very well together, we both have a strong passion for furniture and interior design, and we complete each other: Emiliano is the more artistic half, while I am more business oriented, but this duality is fundamental to our equilibrium.

So DimoreStudio came to be in 2003 and a little bit later we launched our first interior design collection Progetto Non Finito [unfinished project]. We’re recently opened our personal gallery, DimoreGallery, a permanent show room for the Progetto Non Finito products, iconic design pieces and a selection of designers whom we represent.

Is designing a joint effort for you or do you have specific areas on which you focus?

Britt Moran: We are creative duo, but the roles have taken shape over time. Emiliano Salci became the Creative Director, while I am the Executive Director. However there is a deep complicity between us, in addition to constant interaction and exchanging of views.

What are the sensations that your interior projects aimed to elicit?

Britt Moran: In each project, we strive to reinterpret the influences of the past, characterized by a more contemporary aspect; this results in a savvy and balanced mix of styles, textures and colours. The creative atmosphere of DimoreStudio is indeed focused on developing a harmonious balance between design, art and architecture. We create spaces that are warm, inviting, functional, memorable, by infusing into them an immediate sense of harmony.

Why is this calling back of memories and significance of remembrance, an integral part of your philosophy, so important?

Emiliano Salci: Memories are something that is common to all of us and in a way they connect us to one another. Therefore, everyone can find an element to identify with in any of our projects. This is why our starting point are the “familiar” references and references to the past, which we then present in a contemporary light.

Are there materials, colours, combinations that you prefer?

Emiliano Salci: Certainly. Marble, brass, aged wood, velvet, silk are among the materials we use the most for our projects.  Unusual colours and unexpected mixes of materials that create timeless environments, rendered contemporary through the usage of often unusual collars, resulting in a welcoming environment thanks to the combination of different elements which work harmoniously together.

What are you currently working on?

Britt Moran: We are working on various projects, for private homes and public areas. One of these was the opening of a new hotel belonging to the Casa Habita group, in Guadalajara, created exclusively by DimoreStudio. We are also working on a new hotel in Paris and private homes for art collectors, for whom we have created an environment which expresses their passion and where these works can be properly spotlighted. We are also working in the retail sector, both in Milan and at the international level, for brands such as Cire Trudon and Aesop.