EquipHotel and Studio16, the hospitality of the future

The next edition of EquipHotel aims to amaze. At the international presentation conference novelties and projects that will animate the three floors of Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles – from November, 6 to 10 – have been revealed.

This year’s programme aims to confirm the event as international hub for hospitality. From 50 years, EquipHotel – organized by Reed Exhibitions – narrates trends and innovations of the sector, creates networks and inspires architects, decorators and designers. In November i twill confirm this role, matching the traditional parterre of exhibitors – displaced in the five halls (for over 30 sector and 1600 exhibitors) – the demonstrations of the Studio Des Chefs to the innovative project by Studio16, representation of the future hotellerie trends.

Within the pavillion 7, Studio16 will host multiple installations dedicated to typical spaces of hospitality, in order to communicate the innovations of the sector. A team of 20 architectural and design professionals sign the project, coordinated by Thierry Virvaire; among those protagonists, also Corinne Menegaux – Equip’Hotel director. The pavillion 7.1 features the Lobby and the Outdoor; the last one was ideated by Christophe Gautrand Benjamin Deshoulières, who aim to carry the visitors into the nature. Jean-Philippe Nuel signs «The Lobby of the future, that will disappear with check-in and check-out processes. How can we keep in contact with the customer? How can we follow the processes?». Those are the questions which would like to give an answer.

The location matches a living area with the surrounds, where hotel and city become one. This is the reason why the cafè has a central position in the Lobby. The second floor is dedicated to the operative space “Let’s Work” by Julie Gauthron, who images the hotel as a new working area where values as flexibility, practice and comfort are real. In the same environment also a multifunctional room which becomes both a lounge or a restaurant. Close to this one, the installation by Elizabeth Leriche – created in partnership with Guillame Terver e Christophe Delcourt; the bedroom has four key elements: bed, a container space, bathroom and versatility. While the bed has a leading role, the furnidshings are investigated in their functionality.  

Last, third floor. The food areas are exclusive protagonists: Le Resto de Chefs, the Cafè and the VIP Lounge, designed by Marc Hertrich and Nicolas Adnet. Three spaces that enhance the art de vivre, developed in three different styles with a French touch in common. At the end of this space, the Glass Gallery projected by Sylvie Amar: a “Temple of transparency”, a conceptual installation created with 700 beer steins, 200 cocktail glass and 70 used for whisky, that represent the three themes and concepts where they are located. 

(The accreditation will be opening in July. Here the code for a free entrance on the show in November: IIT04)