The pleasure of home. Anywhere. With Flexform

It seems impossible to feel at ease, like at home, wherever we are. Flexform denies this belief in the Home at Last web series. It is not an ad campaign: it’s a living concept presented through a video.

The second episode (directed by Mauro Vecchi, soundtrack by Guido Smider) stars a sophisticated young woman indulging in a relaxing moment of solitude: the pleasure of daily intimacy with its simple, reassuring little rituals, and the discreet comfort of a Soft Dream sofa to rely on.

The ending is surprising: the frame widens to reveal the interior of a Flexform showroom. The message: Feeling at home wherever you are is possible.

The same happens in the first episode of the series, where a family portrait of a father and child affectionately laughing together turns out to be set within the unexpected context of a Flexform display space.

Through the Home at last web series, Flexform does not presents products, but a lifestyle that has its roots in the elegance and comfortable simplicity that its products can bring to our daily lives.