V for Vision, W for Work

Work: the word is short, simple and seemingly unambigious. In reality, in keeping with Orgatec 2016’s theme of New Visions of Work, the title embraces numerous issues related to contemporary work environments. The exhibition space organized and presented by Vitra over the last few days (Pavilion 5.2) unites the approaches and products of a selection of companies, focusing on a holistic vision of the office that in this case becomes a Collage Office.

In the project created by Pernilla Ohrstedt and Jonathan Olivares, the collage is conceived as a mix of spaces, products, forms, colors and materials that combine to constitute the identity of a company in a concrete physical place and various everyday office scenarios.
There are as many collage offices as there are people and companies. For Vitra, the concept implies a variety of expressions that examine the individual requirements of a workplace and reflect the conception of the company in terms of space.
The pavilion is organized as a vast open market square, with a variety of work areas and exhibition spaces of companies in the sectors of design, architecture and technology that share the same approach: Archilogic, art aqua, Artek, bulthaup, Dinesen, Gantner, IdeaPaint, Kvadrat, Kvadrat Soft Cells, Laufen, Mercedes Benz, Ruckstuhl, Samsun, Swisscom and Wästberg.
From a functional point of view, the Collage Offices can be spaces for digital nomads, highly flexible offices, domestic workplaces or retreats to promote concentration and creativity, while from a furnishing point of view, the collage takes inspiration from Charles and Ray Eames’ home in the Pacific Palisades, with a mix of old and new, artisan and industrial, technical and artistic, simple and complex.