Fattorini + Rizzini + Partners. The rigour of creativity

The new premises of Fattorini+Rizzini+Partners stand just a few steps away from the Naviglio Grande canal, in Via Pestalozzi 22 Milan.  This change of address underlines and highlights a new course undertaken two years ago by the Firm which, starting from 2009, had been run by Bruno Fattorini and Robin Rizzini.  In 2013, a change in the corporate structure was brought about by the arrival of Lucio Quinzio Leonelli, a manager with a consolidated professional background in marketing and finance and considerable experience in the consumer goods and furniture markets. To a consolidated creative design activity like this, his coming on board provided a strong boost towards a more managerial business concept, founded on an extremely rigorous approach.

“Thanks to a holistic vision of our work organization, today the business is substantially made up of two divisions – explains Lucio Quinzio Leonelli – The first of these is engaged in our core business, that of design and planning, whilst the other provides significant technical and strategic advisory services.  By Technical Advisory services, we refer to all those activities involved in seeking and selecting suppliers, cost definition and prototype development aimed at supporting the production cycle. Through its Strategic Advisory services, on the other hand, the firm assists its partners in finalizing and optimizing the product launch by means of competitor analyses and the consequent definition of manufacturing and sales strategies.  All of these activities are characterized by an extremely rigorous approach that I would almost define as being typical of English-speaking countries. Indeed, we have a strong international leaning without neglecting to safeguard and promote our Italian roots”.

“When we are invited to work on a new product or product line – Robin Rizzini joins in – we present this complex activity of strategy, marketing and engineering which implies an on-going dialogue and exchange of information with the customer.  Initially, we focus on the mapping of existing products and their performance, on analysing competition, costs and company positioning;  the entire process evolves along a series of rigorously planned steps, scanned by a precise schedule.  This activity does not set out to influence the design philosophy or DNA of the company, but simply provides a clear picture of what is happening in their target sectors, to help them define their future course of action.  Once this phase is over, we approach the aspects more closely related to product engineering. Then we proceed from sketches to a 3D rendering and finally, after searching for suitable suppliers, to the prototyping and fine tuning of the product.  Our work, however, does not end here. We are actually involved in the entire phase of putting the product into production and its subsequent market launch”.

Whilst the concept design activity is already well consolidated – with customers of the likes of Desalto, Busnelli, Extremis, Arper, Ligne Roset, Paola Lenti and Zanotta, to name just a few – the firm's work on so-called existing products is arousing a good deal of interest. “More and more often, we are being contacted by brands such as Tom Dixon and Moooi for instance, who would like to launch an existing product on the market but are not wholly convinced by the project – Rizzini goes on to say – So, they ask us to step in and iron out the engineering issues or to find the suppliers most likely to satisfy their needs. Through a scouting activity focused on the milieu of craftsmen and manufacturers situated in the Brianza furniture-making district, as well as the regions of Veneto and Emilia Romagna, we identify the most suitable suppliers for the Company involved and act as a go-between”.

With a business activity that can boast collaborations with important Italian brands, but is mainly conducted abroad – United States, Australia, Germany, France, Switzerland, Belgium, Sweden –  Fattorini+Rizzini+Partners is increasingly focused on the exploration of international markets.  “We are making great efforts to relocate a significant part of our business abroad – continues Leonelli – In fact, we realize that the total design planning activities we offer are particularly sought-after outside of Italy. Our methodological rigour is appreciated by foreign companies which, owing to their cultural imprinting, expect complex and definitive answers also, and above all, with regard to strategies for future adoption. Our aim is to further consolidate our business on the American and Middle Eastern markets through the acquisition of turn-key contract projects also for real estate groups, by exercising a total control over the entire supply chain, from the drawing board to the production line”.