The shades of green by Samuele Mazza

Samuele Mazza paints Dubai in green: the different shades used for the outdoor collection of 2016 refined the materials, from the iron in grey-olive to the natural marble green forest, from the structures made of hand-woven synthetic resin dark green to the mother-of-pearl finish.

Undisputed protagonist, the color includes multiple nuances, next to complementary tones that enhance the visual effect.

Not just novelties in terms of chromatism, but also textiles: the brand (licensed DFN) introduces a new outdoor satin – with colors matched to the rest of the fabric – used for the recent Wezen proposal; it is a sectional sofa with foam rubber cushions covered with a technical certified material that is both waterproof and breathable, thus preventing the formation of mildew. The

structure is made of aluminum covered with hand-woven synthetic resin with a typical maxi caned pattern.

The dining room has been renewed, made by the Canopo round table and bridge chairs, in addition to the first outdoor kitchen designed by Samuele Mazza, has a sliding top that hides an electric grill and two induction hobs. The result is unique, customizable and high-tec.; the details embellish the product, the unusual finishings make it original; the new kitchen of Samuele Mazza Outdoor Collection has a leading role in the luxury outdoor panorama.

Sinuous chandeliers, rugs with macro prints, wall lamps, consoles and many other elements surround the furniture, in line with the trends followed by the company.