Foscarini in Soho: Reality or Illusion?

Among the numerous events about Design in the Big Apple, Ferruccio Laviani interrogates Foscarini through an installation: Reality or Illusion? Giants is a state of mind.

The work realized by the designer for the Italian brand in occasion of the Milan Design Week lands in American territory, in order to continue to explore the borders between reality and illusion; the observer is exhorted to ask profound questions in terms of space-time.

Upon stepping into Foscarini Spazio Soho, visitors will enter a graphic world, resembling an Ames room that gives the sensation of suddenly growing and shrinking proportions. The striking effect, created by a multicolored pattern displayed across surfaces, challenges perspectives. This technique results in the sizes of objects and people seeming larger or smaller than they are in reality. Against this background illusion, the giant versions of Foscarini icons – such as Big Bang, Spokes e Twiggy – loom over the setting and underline the sense of wonder.

«This installation sets out to challenge our imagination to discover what is real and what is not. The objects on display become deceptive in terms of size and presence: what is reality and what is illusion?» inquires Laviani.

Sided by those questions, the brand will unveil both the lightings of Diesel Living and the new Buds collection of lamps, designed by Rodolfo Dordoni. Innovative materials and techniques describe the products, from Buds table to Buds suspension.