Multi-sensory weaves for Lea Ceramiche

From dimensions to pattern, from innovative technologies to high performance: there’s a long list of astonishing features at the base of Naive Slimtech, new line of coverings designed by Patrick Norguet for Lea Ceramiche. The brand doesn’t miss the occasion to land at Las Vegas, in order to present its covering solutions in the booth of HD Expo, exclusive fair dedicated to design and hospitality; perfectly adapting to the industry, and residential environments, Naive impresses for its outstanding dimensions: 3×1 meters slabs produced without the use of molds and cut according to the use they are destined to. The collection is created with modules of ultra-thin laminated porcelain, 5.5mm thick.

The patterns – available in the Blue, Terra, Grey and Black shades – create an interweaving effect, a web of random marks that emanate an emotional candor. The lightness and the sizes of the slabs accentuate the delicacy of these lines, which intersect unpredictably.

Naive stands out for its nearly three-dimensional surface texture, obtained using an innovative technology based on glazes. The patterns reproduce a bas-relief design, a series of lines which emphasize the depth of the material and create a floating graphic effect, that has a pleasant feel and appearance.

The meeting point between design and technology, between craftsmanship and industry, between porcelain stoneware and glaze creates a robust and durable solution, which can be applied to both walls and floors.