Revealed Artemide’s new partnerships

In occasion of the Milano Design Week 2016, Artemide introduces various innovations, realized in collaboration with companies as Mercedes-Benz Style, architecture studios as BIG, Rosenius and Daan Roosegaarde as future inventors. Overthorwing all the boundaries in terms of relations between light, space, man and the environment, the leading company in illumination presents avant-gard projects and products. Over 50 years of researches – respecting the brand’s philosophy – offers important results, as fresh and enterprising partnerships. Ameluna is the result of a collaboration between Artemide and Mercedes, revolutionary project – recently introduced at Light&Building 2016 in Frankfurt – and one of the highlights of the Milano Design Week 2016.  It is light with a high-tech intelligence that is expressed through optoelectronic innovation, as well as through the ability to interact digitally with its surroundings.

The brand collaborates with Tapio Rosenius on the theme Light Over Time (LoT) with a set of lighting instruments to design and re-imagine, reinterpret, and modulate space as never before. LoT introduces the time variable in our experience with light by combining a projector with a software application to allow free and real-time choice of lighting scenarios.

Among other initiatives, Alphabet of Light has been designed in collaboration with the BIG studio; it is a modular system of linear and curved lighting elements that use the letters of the alphabet to create a new light font.

The alphabet is not the only communication system, but also traditional lamps dialogue one with the others in Self-awareness, in a an Internet of Things, to respond to user interaction.

Those – and other numerous events – testify and promote the new space in relation with natural elements.