Where creativity is at home

Milan has never been so alive, bustling, dynamic as during the Design Week. Every occasion is good to talk about projects, each event becomes an artistic performance. The environment is enhanced by a vibrancy, stimulated by the excitement of creative minds that rotate around a more flexible design concept.

This is the atmosphere that pervades the city, there are, however, some central venues around which are focused the heavy network of events. Starting from the great moving force, the Salone del Mobile, that attracts with its force over 300,000 visitors from 160 countries, more than 2,300 exhibitors from the various sectors every year. Now in its 55th edition, the exhibition opens t on April 12, dictating styles and trends through an exclusive array of brands, but also promoting non-trade initiatives such as the exhibition STANZE. Altre filosofie dell’abitare as part of the XXI Triennale International Exhibition: an analysis on the role of interior architecture and the future of living; in collaboration with Made.Expo, the exhibition Space&Interiors at The Mall Porta Nuova, an exclusive and innovative location, located in the Brera Design District. Reaching the heart of the city, among its top districts focused on innovation, and the protagonists of the FuoriSalone. From the imaginative and historic Brera, to Tortona for the Tortona Design Week, which preserves the echo of its industrial past, now invigorated by a new creative energy.

Just let them wrap you and transport you to discover the open, cosmopolitan side of Milan, not just the commercial one, but the most fascinating design-focused.