Lema’s Indian store

The constantly growing Asian market is fascinated by Made in Italy and is attracting more and more prestigious international brands. Among them is Lema, which has opened a new flagship store in the Indian city of Pune. The ground floor of one of the recent Trump Towers features the Italian company’s “made-to-measure” creations, which are oriented around the Eastern market, over 250 sq m aimed at architects, designers and contractors.

The classic modular systems that have brought the brand worldwide renown are on show inside the building, as well as the Mustique, Yard and Cloud sofas, the first of which is designed by the masterful Gordon Guillaumier and the others by Francesco Rota. Among the other featured products by the Milanese designer Rota is the Shade table, next to the Galerist showcase and Novelist desk designed by Christophe Pillet. Naturally, the company’s crowning achievements are also present: Selecta, T030 and Hangar. The first is an outstanding bookcase, which was designed in 1995 by Officinadesign Lema and is constantly updated, while T030 and Hangar are respectively a sideboard and a walk-in closet, representing Piero Lissoni’s distinctive style. The sideboard combines different sizes and colors, full and empty spaces, compositions that are somewhat classical and others with a decidedly contemporary design. For Hangar, wood is combined with glass details that express an unconventional idea of refinement.

Lema has found a notable partner in the East: none other than Spazio, the new retail division of the Panchshil Realty group, one of the major real estate developers in the industrial Indian city. Through Spazio, Casa Lema is able to put the brand’s values of elegance and functionality into practice.