The sculpture becomes furniture

A ladies’ team allows Ventura Arte to constantely increase its results regarding artistic bronzes, which will be illustrated at Salone del Mobile 2016. The artistic foundry – started by Gianpaolo Venturi in the Sixties, who suddenly passed away in 1979 – sees Gabriella, Gianpaolo’s wife, her sister and the daughters, involved in the management of important brand, which owns collaboration with personalities as di Salvador Dalì, Fritz Wotruba, Miguel Berrocal and Paul Wunderlich.

After patenting the “Plycast Venturi System” – casted bronze with the lost wax method – the company recalls the attention of numerous international artists. As a consequence, Ventura Arte partecipated in different global exhibitions as Multiscultura at castello di Vignola.

Forme del Fuoco is a sculptures series and furnishing existing since 1987 thanks to the partnership with Gilbert Kruft. The art creations are casted in bronze with the lost wax method and the glasses, part of the products, are all handly blown by the best master glassmaker.

The foundry realises only 500 pieces for each exemplar, collectionable and rare