Space to Italian sustainability

CEA confirms its driving position about the creation of low environment impact products. Preview presented at Swissbau, the four wood-essence’s palette represents the present challenge of the company. The enduring and typical features of the brand – resistance and durability – join to innovation, thanks to the wood/steel binomial; the new palette in oak, teak, hickory and wenge, is applicable to the Giotto – inspired by the archetypical shape of the circle and guaranteeing of freedom composition – Ziqq – based on charming and asymmetric design by Mario Tessarollo and Daniela Lorato – and Bar – minimal and timeless, guaranteeing a large hydric saving – collections.

Exclusive concepts are recognisable within solutions that are suitable to every settings, constantly attentive to substainability and eco-friendliness. As Gastone collection which selects water paints, respecting the environment and making by strong resistance.

The different proposals of CEA revolutionise steel coverings, especially in faucets sector, and are pitched to avantguardist design, in line with contemporary trends and measured by a perfect marriage between essential and details attention.