Alma de Luce affirms its presence in Dubai

Among the exhibitors of Design Days Dubai, the historic brand Cities participates also to the present edition of the fair and includes the Portuguese brand Alma de Luce – specialized in interior design. The Cities’ large collection, enriched by different international brands, represents the concept of Orientalism Reinterpreted. Each company provided a personal interpretation on the local Arabic culture including motifs, traditional structures as well as forms, and pushing the boundaries of silent conventions.

The installations illustrate the art and design fusion with a final outcome that carefully represents Orientalism, as in the exhibition by Alma de Luce Enxoval. Conceived by Helen and Carlos Costa, the piece recalls traditional motifs of crochet – in constant evolution during decades – and evokes the cultural meaning of each product, realized with unique materials. Thus, Swarovsy crystals draws abstract lines with ancestral suggestions coherent with Cities’ philosophy.

In 2008 the brand opened in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and since then have strengthened and enlarged itself in the United Arab Emirates. The aim is to offer clients a local and international design view, becoming a patron in the Asian territory.