The luxury between innovation and tradition

The name Roberto Ventura, merged with the Tagliabue A&A brand to bring a breath of innovation, has a modern, elegant sound like the furniture it designs. If you are looking for audacious, innovative Made in Italy where verve is the main driving force behind creativity, it comes naturally to immediately think of Roberto Ventura luxury furniture by Tagliabue A&A. The originality of its style has conquered the international market, breaking down crystallized taste barriers and specializing in the most exclusive interiors. Now, backed by the Tagliabue A&A brand, it has its sights set on new goals in a perfect balance between innovation and tradition. Certainly, behind this ability lie years of research and hard work to reach the top. Because beauty is nothing if it doesn’t have a soul with an intense human story to support it.

Salone del Mobile 2016, Pad. 2, Progetto Gallery