Opera Contemporary. Style hues

An intangible, almost ethereal atmosphere. Soft and delicate, like the environments it envelops. It is the atmosphere created by elegant collections in which the concept of furniture is sublimated into an expression of status, a lifestyle, where refinement and style dominate. This is the design philosophy of Opera Contemporary, a brand which has established itself as a leader on the international markets with complete furnishing solutions, interpreting the trends that prevail on the main markets without ever forgetting its artisan origins.

In fact the brand was originated from well known parent company Angelo Cappellini & C, whose history and success in classically style furniture goes back over a century). The linearity of the most contemporary design embraces the distinctive traits of classical furniture, in terms of expert processes and valuable materials. This exclusive character finds expression in the sown-white and luminous furnishing solutions on display at the 2015 Furniture Show. Designed as luxury suites, they express the company’s intrinsic ability to create these types of contract furniture to the highest standards, as well as the special quality of its products that fit these highly refined settings most effectively.

Thus, the Butterfly living room coordinates with the Tosca bed through a delicate button-studded finish that serves as a trait d’union between the living room space and the night area. Soft, sinuous shapes embrace the products in an exaltation of lightness.

Similarly, the Leandro living room set – also featuring button-studded surfaces on the exterior of sofas and armchairs – blends into the Didone bedroom, dominated by a big headboard. A second proposal characterised by clearly defined, more rigid geometric forms.

 Needless to say, the rich range of environments includes a warm relaxation area: the dining room – where cupboard Edipo and table Romeo  prevail – both made of Cerejeira wood, one characterised by steel chromed details, the other by mirror bands – but leave room for the most intimate corner near the Kenya Grey marble fireplace, which casts a mellow light on the newly designed Aida white velvet armchairs, featuring wengé finishes and chromed tips.

The products are integrated harmoniously and can be arranged to go well in different environments, as a function of their intended functions, thereby finding a new raison d’être. Tables that become night stands (e.g., Ludmilla, in white marble) or console tables that will furnish the entrance and the living room equally effectively (e.g., Teseo, with burnished metal and a wengé finish). This is what is required of furnishings today: a timeless style and keeping abreast of the evolution of contemporaneity.

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