The excellence of Italian furnishings for today’s abode

Since 1992, every year at the Milan International Furniture Fair, Progetto Gallery has been present at this appointment with Italy’s finest furnishings.
This is a group made up of twenty-five companies in the classic furnishing sector – each one specialized in their own production and defined by unparalleled quality. This is a showcase that wonderfully represents “Made in Italy”, with companies that offer their expertise for the design and creation of vast and exclusive abodes.
In Progetto Gallery the culture behind home living and the pursuit of beauty and luxury come forth in various ways, from the choice of the furnishing piece to the creation of the entire home.

Progetto Gallery is a group of companies, each one with its own identity, ready and able to bring to fruition the ideas of designers and architecture firms, both able to turn projects into one-of-a-kind furnishings while guaranteeing solutions that are often “made-to-measure” and unequalled service, in any situation and at any latitude.
These are companies where the inexorable oncoming of new technologies has not changed their way of working, which even today uses craftsmanship that only expert hands can carry out.

Salone del Mobile 2016, Pad. 2, Progetto Gallery