ArteArredo: a name, a product

ArteArredo Schleret is a French-Italian luxury house, characterized by a double spirit, being the very foundation on which their important production is based.

Gilles Schleret is an elegant French man, who went to live in Varese twenty years ago, and decided to create a company specialized in furniture production, combining furniture and textile.

Cristina, Gilles’ wife, is Italian and an art lover.

Thus the couple became the perfect pair, at work as well.

Gilles Schleret, whom father was decorator, brings to the production the French elegance, a kind of inherent sophistication representing the essence of the French style.

On her side, Cristina, well aware of the traditional Italian know-how, combines the French style adapting the models to the Italian artisans’ traditions.

Their children, Béatrice and Federico are also present, strengthening the already very strong base of the company.

Béatrice was born in Varese, and went to Milan to graduate in Interior Design. She now takes care in the company of the organization of the stands’ fairs and designs new product with style and professionalism.

Her brother, Federico Schleret, was born two years later also in Varese, and went to Mendrisio to graduate in Architecture. He represents a new value for the company: leading the Project office, Federico designs and develops news products, combining French and Italian styles.

Meanwhile, Gilles keeps on supervising the production and controls any piece produced.

Thus the duet became a quartet, where each instrument plays its part in order to achieve a great final harmony. The final result is a combination of materials, colours, textiles and stones, gold and silver, together creating a high quality product.

Collections are actually born from the great passion of the family for art and architecture: historical records and antiquities collection are an inspiration source to create furniture that are revisited and personalized to satisfy the needs of the most demanding customers and the trends of the market.

As time goes by, the Schleret family developed a personal archive of furniture’s story, result of a constant work of research and cataloguing.

However, the handicraft and aesthetic capability of ArteArredo Schleret are not only contained in the production of finished furniture. The company provides fabrics, curtains, textiles and carpets as well, that are presented to customers to ensure the best personalization possible and a complete harmony of the room.

That is why ArteArredo Schleret’s creations are known across the entire world: the company exports its elegance in the Middle East, in Russia and China, and is also present on the American and Canadian market.

Actual families, heads of states and important businessmen are among its clients.

ArteArredo will be at Salone del Mobile of Milan 2016, Pad. 2, Progetto Gallery