Soft architectures for Nya Nordiska Parigi

Nya Nordiska’s new Paris showroom will be inaugurated on 38 Rue de Seine. Flowing and curved fabric webs arrange the exhibition room into individual segments. The interplay of light and shadow, compression and dissolution make the collection a three-dimensional experience. In several cubes attached to the walls further designs are displayed in interaction with accessories. Furthermore, graphic collection stands and elements in metal and ash serve as “backdrops” for the versatile staging of the growing portfolio.

The project of the space has been designed by Sebastian Herkner, that also signs a lot of collections for Nya Nordiska. The German designer chose the brand for the installation Das Haus that he realized at Imm Cologne 2016, involving over 1,000 square metres of material provided by Nya Nordiska to create the round architectures of the frame.