Antoniolupi. Sunshine after the storm

This is no metaphor. Antoniolupi was one of the many companies badly hit by the freak storm which devastated Stabbia and the area around Empoli one year ago. Following this traumatic event, the firm has managed to pick itself up, summon the spirit to start afresh and find the stimulus to enter the fray with even greater enthusiasm.

One year later, Antoniolupi reopens the company showroom (closed after the storm of 19 September 2014). With a space that is larger – from the initial 600 sq m to the 2300 sq m of today – and even more spectacular: an exhibition layout that winds its way through living solutions and lifestyle trends, interiors conceived to recount the spirit of this brand.  Underlined by an elegance that has become an integral part of its DNA.

The showroom location looks directly onto the inner courtyard of the company premises set in a rich vegetation of evergreens and olive trees.  Such is the backdrop against which the new and pre-existing collections stand out: Panta Rei, Piana and Lunaria, in other words Antoniolupi’s traditional targets; Planeta and Traccia, more keenly focused on new trends; Tempra, targeting a young and contemporary public, and Il Bagno, which reinterprets the architectural diktat of the 30’s and 40’s mingled with the modernity of a refined lifestyle.  

Amidst nuances of dark blue, powder pink, tobacco and grey, Antoniolupi offers a fresh interpretation of the brand, flanked by opening that celebrates a new era.