Gamma’s vision of design comfort

Gamma attended Interior Mebel Kiev, sharing the brand’s idea of comfort embodied by contemporary upholstered furniture. Clean designs, ample, enveloping volumes, completed by attention to detail and finishes. From living room to bedroom solutions, Gamma offers a vision of furniture that combines elegance and functionality.

The Sunset collection is a perfect example. The modern design features a seat with delicate quilting and a lightweight metal base. The comfort of the soft shape is enhanced by the generous sliding movement of the backrest which increases the seat depth.

Padding explodes in the Limousine model: the special retractable armrest and finishes, particularly the visible stitching that outlines the sofa, make it surprisingly functional and original.

The McQueen sofa radiates a strong personality. Raised off the ground and surrounded by an outer shell that envelops the cushions of the seat and backrest, its tufted upholstery further enhances the design, reinterpreting typically classical workmanship in a modern style.

This brings us to the bedroom. The shapes of the Kong bed immediately recall the lines of the sofas in the collection. Tapered ends are the signature detail. The soft design is highlighted by a double grosgrain profile.

Limousine, McQueen and Kong are part of the Dandy Home Collection, produced and distributed by Gamma International and designed by Giuseppe Viganò.